The most amazing charity store helping the homeless in Worcester.
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While you are here please visit our main website and see how we try to help the homeless and vulnerable.
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Polly Reehal, one of the founders of the enterprise, here behind the shop counter thinks
"Our own lived experience of homelessness gave us a vision to build a new way of overcoming homelessness by creating a social enterprise where those in need can rebuilt their lives working with us repurposing unwanted items into wonderful things. Amazing lights, clocks, candles, soaps, pictures etc are made and sold to create a future for those we help, building confidence and independent lives.
We operate as a not for profit organisation, any trading surplus is put to supporting more people in need."

It's amazing to think that everything for sale in the shop has been repurposed by homeless and disadvantaged individuals, from items donated by generous people in Malvern!

Local MP visits shop!

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We were delighted to welcome our local MP, Harriet Baldwin to the Amaze shop on Friday 15th October.
She met volunteers together with those we help and was presented with a converted "House of Commons teapot" that Nathan had made into a table light to commemorate the visit.
Harriet pledged her support to our enterprise - thank you Harriet!

It's Christmas!

The Mayor of Malvern, Cllr Nick Houghton, launched the campaign to highlight the suffering caused by homelessness organised by Amaze, in Malvern Link, on Saturday 18th December.


Running until Christmas Day all across Malvern, the campaign showed some of the ways homelessness can be caused and the consequences from sofa surfing to actually sleeping rough. It demonstrated the horrors of losing everything and the depths to which divorce, losing your job or failing health can cause you to fall.


The campaign started outside the shop with a mannequin rough sleeper in the doorway of the Amaze shop with a sign “Down here is a bad place for a poster – it’s an even worse place to live” It continued all around Malvern with dinner places set on waste bins “Some people have to find their supper here every night”


People were invited to visit the shop and buy the amazing items available for sale which have been made by homeless and formally homeless people, the sale of which provides real income for those in need! 


Nobody ever plans to be homeless, circumstances change for people and events beyond an individual’s control can force homelessness upon them. Amaze provides the opportunity of employment for people in need and the chance to earn their way forward.


“Our philosophy is different from many other charities,” said co-founder Chris Lee, “we believe in the old adage - If you give a man a fish you feed him today, if you teach how to fish you feed him forever. By offering employment and encouragement we offer people the opportunity to rebuild their lives”   


Amaze is run by people with lived experience of homelessness who know that Christmas can be a particularly bad time and simply ask for your help to relieve the suffering of the unfortunate few.  


“We don't asking for donations, or hand outs, please just support our shop and just buy some of the amazing gift ideas we have made,” said Polly Reehal, co-founder, ”we would like customers to meet those we support and see how much a simple purchase can change a life.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Rather than sparkle and tinsel we tried to evoke the spirit of Christmas with a visit from the The Three Wise Men for our shop window display!

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The Mayor, Councillor Nick Houghton

starting the awareness campaign.


Close up of 'Hope', our awareness mannequin.

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One of our campaign dustbin dinners 
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Muff Murfin kindly drove the Youthcom fm radio bus over with Santa to give out gifts for all the children in Malvern!


Mannequin 'Hope' makes the papers!

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It's New for '22!

We hope you al saw and enjoyed our "Three Wise Men following the star" window for Christmas, but with New Year now past us we thought it appropriate to fit our new window "Take a closer look". Please come and spy through the windows and see what amazing ideas we have in stock!


Our "Three Wise Men" Christmas window with "Hey Belthazar, you need to look at the amazing gift ideas in here" speech bubble proved popular with customers!

The new January '22 window = "Come and Take A Closer Look". Customers are invited to look through the open frames at the stunning display inside the shop